Way Of Komatsu For The Best Satisfaction

Komatsu established in Komatsu City, Japan in 1921 has grown into a leading manufacturer of earth moving equipment on a global scale. Komatsu is also an international player in the industrial machinery market. To enhance our global market position, especially the rapid growth of emerging power, we are dedicated to delivering the products that satisfy our customers as we’re advance our global teamwork with distributors and suppliers.

We offer models with superior performance and features. To lead the market with products based on the original concept ranging from compact to super large models as well as process for automakers. We conduct research and development by using leading-edge facilities and equipment. Key components are all in-house developed. Another big advantage is close collaboration between production and development.


Dantotsu (Dan-tot-su) is a technology introduced by Komatsu for our heavy machineries to ensure they remain at their best in both qualities and capabilities. In order to remain at the top of the industry, we are determined to provide our clients with heavy machineries products developed specifically to support variety of usage. Constructed as per international standards, our newest innovations also play an important part in research and development of next-generation heavy machineries.

Komatsu Japan, Exemplar Of Technology

Among our plants around the world, 10 have product developing capabilities and we called them Mother Plants. They transplant the specialized manufacturing technologies to other plants. We are also reforming management of our supply chain with suppliers on a global scale. Further enhancing the international competitive edge of manufacturing, Regardless of where they are made, all our machines undergo stringent inspections before factory shipment to customers.

Bangkok Komatsu Sales

From Experiences To Success

Back in the days when Thailand has just entered industrial development era, Dr. Thaworn Phornprapha, Honorary Chairman of Siam Motor Group insisted that Siam Motor took part in the development of the country. He was well aware of how important heavy machinery was for construction. Thus, Machinery Division was established. And it was the first distributor of Komatsu machinery in the world. Later, it was decided that, due to high demand of products, a new, separate company should be founded. Hence, on 7th January 1956, Siam Engineering Co., Ltd. Later, on 18th July 1960, the company changed its name to Bangkok Motor Works Co., Ltd.

With experiences and expertise imparted from both Siam Motor and Komatsu Group Japan, Bangkok Motor Works Co., Ltd. business prospered and grew rapidly in many aspects. Bangkok Motor Works became distributor of many other types of merchandise from both Japan and Europe. In order to make the company runs efficiently, a new company named Bangkok Komatsu Sales was established. It is a joint venture company between Bangkok Motor Works Co., Ltd. and Komatsu Group Japan. The new company, founded on 1st April 2010, provides complete heavy machinery for construction and mining. It is one of the companies under Siam Motor Group and managed by Dr.Phornthep Phornprapha and Mr.Pranitan Phornprapha.

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At present, the company has a total of 22 service centers and branches scattered throughout Thailand as well as over 200 professional mechanics ready to service every Komatsu customers around the country.

Complete Services For Each And Every Single Need

Apart from providing customers with heavy machinery and after-sale services, Bangkok Komatsu Sales also offer other services for customers to provide an end-to-end solution as well

Bangkok Komatsu Co., Ltd. (BKC)

a medium-sized hydraulic excavator production factory. It is the largest construction machine factory in Southeast Asia region. All machineries are produced to meet the standard of Komatsu Japan before being exported to 17 different countries.

Bangkok Service Support Center (BSSC)

Technical support division from Japan. Its teams are ready to provide technical supervision for machinery.

Komatsu Parts Asia Co., Ltd. (KPAC)

Providing authentic Komatsu parts support for customers in Asia region. This ensures that we can respond our customers with any machine parts they need in no time.

Komatsu Bangkok Leasing (KBL)

Providing end-to-end credit support for all Komatsu customer.