Mining Machinery

At Bangkok Komatsu Sales, we strive to serve our clients’ every need. This also includes large scale mining tasks. Bangkok Komatsu Sales is ready to provide you with information, consulting, and help you choose the right machines for the job. We can also provide customers with Komatsu-standard after sales services and replacement parts. This will ensure that the machines will work efficiently to maximize the effectiveness of our client work processes.

With help from the Komatsu Group in Thailand, Japan, and in Europe, Komatsu is determined to develop large-scale mining machineries using state-of-the-art technologies designed exclusively for mining task.

KOMTRAX PLUS, a machine performance tracking system developed by Komatsu, will monitor and keep track of machine’s performance. This help preventing the machine to be overused, damaged and even cut-off, which can result in the loss of work.

KOMTRAX PLUS also helps reducing the overall maintenance cost. BKS also maintain significant amount of authentic Komatsu machine parts stock here and in other countries within Asia, ensuring a quick delivery in no time. Our staffs, especially our engineers and mining-related task staffs, are all trained with knowledge from Japan and Germany. And they are always ready to help inspect your machines under the supervision of mining experts, making sure that they are all in their best working condition.

Today, Komatsu is trusted by various leading company in the country as well as large-scale mining projects for our products and experiences.

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