Delivering Quality Above Expectation

Komatsu established in Komatsu City, Japan in 1921 has grown into a leading manufacturer of earth moving equipment on a global scale. Komatsu is also an international player in the industrial machinery market. To enhance our global market position, especially the rapid growth of emerging power, we are dedicated to delivering the products that satisfy our customers as we’re advance our global teamwork with distributors and suppliers.

We offer models with superior performance and features. To lead the market with products based on the original concept ranging from compact to super large models as well as process for automakers. We conduct research and development by using leading-edge facilities and equipment. Key components are all in-house developed. Another big advantage is close collaboration between production and development.

Komatsu Quality

Quality of machineries is the heart of any business. That is why we put a lot of emphasis on inspecting every bit and pieces of our products to make sure that our machines will perform well and lead your business to success.

Quality also means we maintain standards of our authentic Komatsu parts to be one of the best in the world. We also care about safety especially the safety of our working machines, our clients, and the safety of those who control our machines.

Finally, we also care about social responsibility and environment. And we always strive to make sustainable development for both today, and our future.