More Than Just A Promise,
We Guarantee

Before we deliver our machines to the customer, we have made sure that all of them is thoroughly checked and examined. This is to guarantee that every product we deliver will meet the global standard laid by Komatsu. We also offer a “Worry Free” program for our customer with B-Connect Warranty*, which extends the warranty period from 1 year or 2,500 machine hours** to a special warranty from Komatsu for additional 7 main parts of the machine for 3 years or 7,000 machine hours**. This warranty will also cover service fee as well as parts cost and lubricating oils used for maintenance up to the maximum of 14 times.

* Apply to some models
**Depending on whichever comes first and under the condition that the machine must be within 7,000 hours PM and only uses Komatsu genuine parts. Rights reserved to make changes to these terms and conditions without prior notice.


B‐Connect Warranty is the extended warranty of 7 main components from 1 year orSMR 2,500hrs. to 3 years or SMR 7,000hrs. Under the condition that machine must be taken care by BKS and use only genuine parts.

  1. Hydraulic Cylinders
  2. Engine
  3. Final Drive
  4. Hydraulic Pump
  5. Swivel Joint
  6. Swing motor
  7. Control Valve

Stand Together For Your Success With Professional Service

With expertise and global professional standard, and to help ensure smooth operation of Periodic Maintenance (PM) for its customer base, the company decided to form a special service division called “PM TEAM”. Comprising of 15 teams of professional technicians, these PM TEAM are tasked with responsibility to perform various periodic maintenance works such as oil and filter change as laid by global Komatsu standards.

B-Connect Warranty (Premium Used)

For imported Premium Used machinery, each one will be thoroughly checked. Should there be parts require change; we will be using Komatsu genuine parts for such repair to meet the global standard laid by Komatsu. Machines are installed with KOMTRAX* and extend the warranty period from normal to 2 years or 7,000 Machine Hours*.

* Available for some models **Depending on whichever comes first. Only available for model PC200-8 Rights reserved to make changes to these terms and conditions without prior notice.

Professional Team You Can Trust

Our service team members are constantly trained both in theory and practice, so you can rest assure that they will deliver best services for your business. Also, Bangkok Komatsu Sales emphasizes on training our engineers in how to use latest machinery by having experts from Komatsu Japan lecture them. This is to ensure best practices in giving our customer best-in-class support and satisfaction.

PM Contract

We are ready to provide you with help and support to give you confidence in our “PM Contract”

PM Contract is the process of extending the PM when the current PM expires.

As per terms governed by B-Connect Warranty, your Komatsu machines will receive scheduled checkups and oil change. And if there is a problem with your machine’s part(s), they will be immediately remedied. Thus, it helps reducing the risks, damages to the machineries, and also prevents the case of your machine going ‘Break Down’ and getting queued for repair.

As such, the company decides to have scheduled maintenance plan for any machines which their warranty expires – to help promote a continuous maintenance routine for the machines. These routine checkups are done by experienced technicians with consummate knowledge on the machine. And will help prolonging the lifespan of your machines and their parts, reducing your overall expenses.


Overhaul Service

Overhaul Service is an engine treatment program designed for Komatsu machineries. Any machines which have their machine hours met or exceeded 12,000 hours are advised to take the engine treatment. However, this largely depends on how the machines are used, work environment, and choice of lubricants and replacement parts used. Overhaul Service helps prevent machine break down which can result in huge expenses and profit loss.

Overhaul Promotion

Overhaul promotion includes air filter, PM Contract, and Warranty extension.

Please contact us at 0-2663-2666 (ext. 2489) for more information.

Standby Parts

We are the leading and official distributor of authentic Komatsu parts for over 50 years. Our vision to provide customers with the best products and services has driven us to build a new process, enabling us to better respond our customers’ need. We have also developed a system where customers from any area in the country can look up parts, reserve, and even make order online via internet. We maintain the largest stock, with over 200,000 part lists within our 5,000 square metre warhouse. Our Emergency Air Flight helps ensure the part will be sent to you just in time, whether you order from online, or through one of our available branch around the country.